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All About Jade

Updated: May 1, 2023

Jade Shyback was born in Red Deer, Alberta on June 24, 1973. A nature lover, she spent five glorious years with her parents and brother in Nanaimo, British Columbia, riding her bike and scavenging for sea life on the rocky beaches of the Pacific coast. At age nine she returned to Alberta to live on a farm nicknamed Mosquito Flats. She later obtained a degree in English, the only faculty that would have her, from the University of Calgary. A career in financial services led her to Toronto and onward to Abu Dhabi, where she raised three daughters amidst sand and camels while working in Dubai as a financial regulator. She now lives in Oakville with her greyhounds and cat. Jade’s hobbies include beekeeping, boating, playing tennis, and gardening. Aqueous is her debut novel, and despite her love of the ocean, she would never ever descend two and a half kilometers to live beneath it. Like, never.

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